the people who make it all happen…

Current Team

Sébastien Ferreira-Cerca – Principal Investigator (CV)

Michael Jüttner – PhD candidate

Michael´s work focus on structure-function analysis of pre-circular-rRNA in archaea

Nicolas Alexandre – PhD candidate

Nicolas studies rRNA modifications and late steps of small ribosomal subunit maturation

Max(imilian) Liebl – Master Student

Max works on purification of pre-ribosomal particles in archaea

Tom Dielforder – Master Student

Tom is exploring the power of cross-linking in archaea


PhD Students

Robert Knüppel (2016-2020): now at Richter-Helm

Thesis title: “Small changes, unexpected consequences: Molecular insights into substrate-dependent adaptation of KsgA/Dim1-dependent ribosomal RNA modifications in archaea“


6. Knüppel R et al., Nucleic Acids Res. 2021. Insights into synthesis and function of KsgA/Dim1-dependent rRNA modifications in archaea. 

5. Schulze S,et al., Nat Commun. 2020. The Archaeal Proteome Project advances knowledge about archaeal cell biology through comprehensive proteomics. 

4. Knüppel R et al., Methods Mol Biol. 2020. In Vivo RNA Chemical Footprinting Analysis in Archaea. 

3. Jüttner M, et al., Nucleic Acids Res. 2020. A versatile cis-acting element reporter system to study the function, maturation and stability of ribosomal RNA mutants in archaea. 

2. Knüppel R, et al., Nucleic Acids Res. 2018. Insights into the evolutionary conserved regulation of Rio ATPase activity. 

1. Knüppel R et al., Front Microbiol. 2017. Toward Time-Resolved Analysis of RNA Metabolism in Archaea Using 4-Thiouracil. 

Master Students

  • Diana Russow (2020)
  • Michael Jüttner (2018)
  • Matthias Weiß (2016)
  • Robert Knüppel (2015)
  • Corinna Reglin (Kuttenberger) (2015)

Bachelor Students

  • Jakob Chovas (2020)
  • Hannah Medinger (2018)
  • Nina Ostheimer (2015)
  • Michael Kern (2016)
  • Matthias Weiß (2013)


  • Jakob Chovas (2020)
  • Maximilian Liebl (2019)
  • Victoire Petitcuenot (2019)
  • Hannah Medinger (2018)
  • Bernd Daller (2018)
  • Andrea Ochsenkühn (2017)
  • Michael Jüttner (2016)
  • Nina Ostheimer (2016)
  • Michaela Bauer (2016)
  • Michael Kern (2015)
  • Regina Kufer (2015)
  • Matthias Weiß (2014)
  • Robert Knüppel (2014)
  • Corinna Reglin (Kuttenberger) (2013)

Former visiting scientists